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1 April 2019, Brussels

Coming up in committees

CULT Erasmus, Creative Europe programmes: plenary vote

Parliament will discuss and vote the reports tabled by the Committee on Culture and Education on the new Erasmus(+) programme and the Creative Europe programme, for the period 2021-2027. The Commission’s proposal sets a budget increase of a 94% for the Erasmus programme and a doubling of the budget of the Creative Europe programme, which the Committee supports. The reports will be voted on 28.03.19 and will form the basis for inter-institutional negotiations in the new legislative term.

IMCO Online and other distance sales of goods, fertilising products: plenary vote

Parliament will vote on the provisional inter-institutional agreement regarding contracts for the online and other distance sales of goods, on 26.03.19. The new law seeks to eliminate key barriers arising from differences in national contract law, thereby reducing uncertainty for businesses and consumers and facilitating cross-border trade. The provisionally agreed text on the proposed rules for making CE marked fertilising products available on the market will then be voted on 27.03.19.

ENVI Post-2020 emission performance, single use plastics: plenary votes

Parliament will vote on the agreed text following inter-institutional negotiations on post-2020 emission performance standards for new passenger cars and vans on 27.03.19. The text raises the levels for the 2030 CO2 target to 37.5% for cars and 31% for vans, while the 2025 levels remain at 15% as originally proposed. The report on new EU-wide rules targeting the ten single-use plastic products most often found on Europe's beaches and seas, and lost and abandoned fishing gear, will also be voted.

JURI Collective interests, copyright, digital content supply: plenary votes

Parliament will vote on the following files dealt with by the Legal Affairs Committee, on 26-28.03.19: Representative actions for protecting consumers’ collective interests; Copyright in the Digital Single Market; Contracts for supplying digital content; Income tax information disclosure by certain undertakings and branches (with the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee); Restructuring, insolvency and discharge procedures; Copyright applicable to certain online television, radio broadcasting.