European Parliament




Date of birth: 21 January 1968, Vlagtwedde

Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left



  • Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Special Committee on the Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides
  • Delegation for relations with Japan


  • Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • Committee on Fisheries
  • Delegation for relations with Switzerland and Norway and to the EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee and the European Economic Area (EEA) Joint Parliamentary Committee

Accredited assistants

  • FEIJ, Tim
  • LIGTHART, Maria
  • ROSSEELS, Sophie

EP Newshub


  • Anja Hazekamp: 2018-06-17T20:37:31.000+0000 (status)

    RT @Act4AnimalsEU: 🐂🇫🇷"It is now up to the @EU_Commission to amend the #CAP rules to avoid #EU subsidies from being used in #bullfighting." - @anjahazekamp The French want bullfighting to end, shows new #survey by @FBB_PORTEPAROLE. Read more ➡️ #Act4AnimalsEU

    17/06/2018 22:37 - twitter

  • Anja Hazekamp: 2018-06-16T17:20:25.000+0000 (status)

    Verheug me enorm op lezing van Peter Singer, georganiseerd door zusterpartij @DierAnimal

    16/06/2018 19:20 - twitter

  • Anja Hazekamp: 2018-06-14T17:58:29.000+0000 (status)

    RT @IlariaEG4A: Nice debate yesterday in Plenary @Europarl_EN on #IvoryTrade: MEPs unanimously called on @EU_ENV to promptly close EU domestic ivory market! BIG THANK YOU @catherinemep @javorbenedek @EleonoraEvi @spietikainen @jfostermep @Stefan_Eck_MEP @anjahazekamp #Act4Wildlife

    14/06/2018 19:58 - twitter

  • Anja Hazekamp: 2018-06-14T10:02:25.000+0000 (status)

    RT @AWintergroup: .@anjahazekamp: "Shifting to local slaughterhouses will not be enough. I strongly believe we need a radical change in our farming system & in our food system. We need to shift to plant-based diets." FacebookLive📡 #EU4AnimalWelfare #StopLiveTransport

    14/06/2018 12:02 - twitter

  • Anja Hazekamp: 2018-06-14T10:02:17.000+0000 (status)

    RT @ElenaEG4A: Strong call from @AWintergroup #MEP @anjahazekamp to radically overhaul the system and move towards trade in #meat and #carcasses as well as more #plantbased diets instead of #liveexport #stopthetrucks #stoplivetransport #endliveexport

    14/06/2018 12:02 - twitter