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Constitution / Institutions - 07-07-2016 - 09:56 / 02-03-2017 - 18:29

Post referendum: the challenge of deciding new EU-UK relations

After a majority of voters in the UK voted in favour of taking their country out of the EU on 23 June, the focus has been on what will happen next. The UK and the EU are now expected to negotiate to determine the terms of their new relationship and the European Parliament will play a key role in determining the outcome.(read more...)

Tajani: "Brexit will be a particular challenge for Ireland and its people"

"Brexit will be a particular challenge for Ireland and its people," said Parliament President Antonio Tajani after welcoming Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny to the Parliament on 2 March. Tajani also expressed his "understanding for the deep political and economic ties that link Ireland and the UK”. Describing Ireland “as a small European country that has been transformed by its EU membership”, Kenny stressed the “fundamental role" that the European Parliament would play in any Brexit deal.(read more...)

EU must do more to meet citizens' concerns, urge MEPs in debate on Brexit summit

EU leaders must respond to the UK's vote to leave the EU, by doing more to defend the EU project and to make it more transparent, social and responsive to citizens' concerns. This was a key message that came out of Parliament's Tuesday morning debate with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, on last week's EU summit.(read more...)

Debate on Brexit and its consequences

Opening the extraordinary session, European Parliament President Martin Schulz noted that this was the first time that a plenary session had been convened at such short notice, but also that the UK citizens’ decision to leave the EU was equally unprecedented. He warmly welcomed Lord Hill and thanked him for his work in the EU Commission and deciding to step down, having campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU. His statement was followed by standing ovations from both MEPs and Commissioners.(read more...)

UK in the EU: MEPs debate the country’s European future

When people in the UK vote on 23 June on their country’s EU membership, it will have consequences for the whole of Europe. MEPs debated on Wednesday 24 February the possible consequences of the referendum. Most MEPs said the country would be better off in the EU, while others insisted it would benefit from leaving.(read more...)

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